Transfer Independently!

Bottoms Up Bars lets you transfer independently!


Every once in a while, an innovative device is developed that dramatically changes the way people live their lives. For this reason, we are pleased to introduce the Bottoms Up Bar®.


The Bottoms Up Bar® enables individuals to independently engage in activities previously difficult or prohibitive. This ingenious, light-weight, portable, assistive device easily mounts to a wheelchair or can be used freestanding, enabling the user to transfer from the wheelchair to the floor and back, safely and easily.

Out of frustration that came from not being able to participate in many activities, the Bottoms Up Bar® transfer device was developed by Thom DeLilla, a C7 quadraplegic and 36 year wheelchair user. "If I would have had these bars when I was first injured, I would have lived a different, fuller, safer and healthier life."

Everyone who uses a wheelchair understands the physical and mental challenges associated with getting up from the floor into the chair and vice versa without someone there to assist in the transfer. The Bottoms Up Bar® make it possible for a wheelchair user to independently move down to the floor, without needing to ask for a lift - creating an overwhelming sense of accomplishment via the ability to achieve a task which never before seemed possible.

"...getting on the ground is no longer something
[that I have to] weigh the time and energy
I will expend. I just do it."
Brian Sterner -
C6/C7 quadriplegic